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You could perhaps summarise the great John Fowler’s paint schemes as variations on coral pink, lime green and three shades of white. The one I have most admired is the coral pink and here is my homage to it. Of course, Fowler’s genius was to recognise that the quality of the paint was paramount, and he achieved his shades with coloured oil or watercolour glazes usually over a white base. This was an old technique, but one seldom practiced now as we are happy with matt emulsion. Our emulsion does, however, have the character of the oil bound distempers he used for basing out and our semi historical name for this colour is an affectionate nod to his approach to decorating when few valued historical decorating at all.

dutch orange by Edward Bulmer

  • Colours shown are merely our best attempt to represent our palette online.
    We strongly recommend that you try a sample pot on your walls at home.

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